INNER AXIS – “Midnight Forces”

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(Fastball Music/Bob-Media) 2024.
Hard rock/heavy metal – GERMANY

Inner Axis are quartet from Kiel/North Germany, whose activity was crowned with the recently published third album. With the first two releases, they gained adeguate attention from the public, and their music mostly received  well-deserved  positive epithets.


It’s obvious that with the new album the expectations are much more pronounced,and that the current achievement should represent a serious step forward. Without a doubt, Inner Axis are a serious band, who, as they say draw inspiration from contemporary pop and film culture. Their sound and style are clearly influenced by hard rock and metal elements taken from the 80’s and 90’s period of the last century. Vocally and harmonically, they also know how to remind on numerous German bands from previous period, so that despite the obviously modern technical and production-set songs, the retro “look” of their material is simply – obvious. But, let’s be honest, it’s in any case good for those fans of the tendencies, faithful to the more classic forms of hard rock/heavy metal.
The ten tracks from album are uniformly placed and treated.