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(Principal Records) 2024.
Jazz/ avant –  garde jazz/fusion/free jazz / various jazz genres – ITALY

The tireless Claudio Scolari and his team continue to release albums, and as a rule always offer something new to potential listeners. The Claudio Scolari Project in their own way, constantly faces the challenges that jazz as a direction offers, without avoiding the risk of experimentation and research.


“Opera 8” is a release with 11 tracks/themes, which can be treated as a kind of conceptual opus, conceptual precisely by looking through the form of a research method for sound search, as well as for improvisational confrontations. All music from album composed and produced by Claudio Scolari and Daniele Cavalca.
And what we can find here and there is an unusual mix of influences derived from free and avant-garde jazz, the 70’s “electric” years, the time of fusion, and certain segments that touch the spheres of psychedelic tendencies. Complex, but convincing arrangements prove the musical knowledge of the band members, showing how their “excursion” into different spheres of jazz can be very inspiring.



Although at first “listening” it may not seem like that, given the confrontation with numerous co-called retro elements within jazz as a form, this is a modern release,  which once again reveals the musical and expressive quality of this team.