JONO MANSON – “Stars Enough To Guide Me”

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( Blue Rose Music / Hemifran ) 2023.
Rock/Americana/folk/roots music – USA


Jono Manson isn’t a new name under Americana/roots music/rock sky. As he use to say now, even though he is 62 years old, it seems as if he is at a new beginning. During the years, he collaborated with numerous well-known and lesser known musicians, but also published a  pretty large number of releases.


A large number of established artists liked to collaborate with Mr. Manson, and over the years this singer/songwriter has managed to create his own expressive approach, that relies on roots music/rock/ and folk postulates among others. The songs from album are diverse and genre blending, and Manson’s performances are similarly determined, delivered with a passion and conviction that’s as honest as it is empathetic. Instrumental “aliveness” and a combination of electric and acoustic approach mainly characterizes the structure of most of the songs on the album.



Mr. Manson offered listenable material, without perhaps a more pronounced hit option, but the music present is mostly uniform. He is also producer of album, where the influences of older and newer roots/rock /folk variants, are consolidated and coherently fit into a common whole.