FUNUS – “Mono”

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(Self-released) 2023.
Shoe-gaze/dream pop – NETHERLANDS

I have received a very interesting release, limited edition printed CD from key person of better to say project, than group – Funus, , Mr. Ruben Vermeulen, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and key author. In the realization of actual “Mono” album, he had the help of singer Sabina Knol, on two compositions.


But,  the Funus as a creative music project started in 2006. In those times Ruben was trying to create his own variant of black metal, with a team of collaborators, as well as to organize several live performances. After realization of one EP and one full – length, Ruben turns to a different creative story, the finalization of which is right in front of us.


The material from “Funus” album was recorded and produced during 2021-2022 period, and mastered by Statinski mastering in 2022. With 7 tracks in, Ruben deliver own visions and views, inspired by introspection – thoughts and feelings about ourselves. So we have here one conceptual release, full of soundscapes, atmospheric elements, pleasant vocal including, and one non-standard combination of shoe-gaze traces and dream pop variations. From first to last track, we encounter a pleasant atmosphere, listenable musical solutions and a generally creative performance. I guess, that’s enough to get you interested in this album.