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(Sun King Music) 2022.
Funk blues/groovy – GERMANY

The Whiskey Foundations are Bavarian sextet, the group whose career lasted over a decade. During the period of existence, they have released a four albums and performed many gigs, at home and abroad. “Leisure is an  actual product, with 10 tracks in , and till now, members from band received considerable recognition and appropriate doses of respect.



Why is that, the reason is simply. Bavarian fellows are on the field of one , I would say older variant of funk/groovy approach, with bluesy based psychology, and addition of other tendencies, as a soul, fusion/jazz rock and similar traces. But all the things this line-up works with a refined style, a well-placed psychology, and a sense of the present moment, where all of which, make them a modern group. And all of the mentioned things, practically does not exist to such an extent in the case of larger number of newer, but genre-similar acts, and the mentioned elements make this group special in some way.  The melodiousness and harmony of the songs are also at a high level, and the arrangement solutions imprinted throughout the entire album, confirm the conceptual competence of the actors.


“Leisure” contains extremely listenable material, which along with refined musicianship, makes it clear, that you have a team in front of you, which does its job convincingly. This is also an album you’ll keep coming back to… in a listening sense, of course.