LARS FREDRIK FROISLIE – “Fire Fortellinger”

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(Karisma Records) 2023.
Progressive – NORWAY


On June 2. the debut album of Lars Fredrik Froislie, keyboardist of the renowned progressive group Wobbler, will appear on the world music market. “Fire Fortenlinger” will be available as a : CD, LP and digital.


Mr. Froislie has prepared his materials during the pandemic days, and there’s no doubt that we have here one serious product, with conceptual approach, and 4 complex longer themes, whose general approach, colorful and wise arrangement solutions, only confirm the high standards and qualities of the main creator of this story. Mr. Froislie in the musical sense confronts the postulates of 70’s progressive traces, which are well combined with newer genre tendencies, where elements of Norwegian folk, as well as epic dramaturgy, form indispensable segments of the album itself. He also on specific way include older analogue keyboards, such as  cembalo, mellotron,  minimoog, Yamaha CP 70, and Hammond organ. The songs were performed in the Norwegian language, and the themes oriented towards Scandinavian mythology and ancient hystorical events, seem more realistic in such a performance. Mr. Froislie played all the instruments except the bass, whose role belonged to Nikolai Haengsle.


This is one of those releases, where you will discover something new with each repeated listening. And there is no doubt, that if you follow both older and newer progressive trends, you will definitely accept this album as a significant and quality achievement.