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(Karisma Records) 2023.
Progressive/jazz/fusion/heavy progressive – NORWAY


After almost of 7 years of reasonable “hibernation”, sextet from Bergen, Norway returns to the stage with new release, album titled “Summit”, where we can find 4 longer tracks in.



Previously, the band announced itself with the releases of the digital single “Ikaros”, and that was on March 30. Seven Impale is one of those bands, whose sound and general performer’s way of thinking connects progressive, jazz and heavy elements into a common constructive concept. Improvisation, complex performance groove, guitar and saxophone phrases that initiate an experimental dimension, are present from beginning to end. And, that is nothing new in the performer’s perception of the line-up of this group. On the other side, frequent rhythmic changes, wisely placed keyboard  “carpet” and complex arrangements, remind of the way of thinking, long ago established by bands like : Van Der Graaf Generator and King Crimson. But, in many places of this release, you will find surprising and somewhat unexpected moves, as well as solutions of the team from Bergen, whose obvious author’s “horizons” manage to break certain forms and hidden limitations. Iver Sandoy is credited for the excellent production, he also mixed and mastered the prepared material.


Seven Impale have returned discographically in the expected way, confirming that they are very well follow the newer  trends of contemporary musical movements.