YET NO YOKAI – “Wir Sind Da”

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(Hummus Records/Bite It Promotion) 2023.
Psychedelic/psychedelic rock/experimental/Kraut rock – SWITZERLAND

Out of Lucerne, Switzerland comes band Yet No Yokai, whose members ( they are trio) had previous experience. They have been around for almost 15 years, but in 2018 decide to change direction. Finally, in May 26th, they will release worldwide debut album, titled “Wir Sind Da”.



Swiss fellows are pretty interesting act, whose frantic performing message touches elements of few genre’s variants as a : psychedelic/psychedelic rock, as same as Kraut rock, but they do their own things on experimental way, with unusual, but positive and fresh energy. And all of the presented songs posses similar atmosphere and psychology. Alternating between German and English lyrics they have found own formula and own concept.


The band consisting of : Thomas Seidmann (vocals, guitar); Samuel Birrer (drums/backing vocals) and Simon Pfister (bass guitar). Hypnotic rhythm is signature of complete presented material, and during the performing process band members clearly enjoy in presentation of offering ideas. This album also deserve to be threat as a uniform release, maybe also as a conceptual product, where constant challenges await you “around the corner”, every single moment.


Band picture : Sam Aebi