EXIT STAGE LEFT – “Appleberry Trees”

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(XPRNC/Hemifran) 2023.
Progressive/progressive rock – SWEDEN

One of the product which I have received from mighty “Hemifran” and Peter Holmstedt himself, is a CD of Swedish newer act Exit Stage Left. This is different release of many with whom mentioned promo agency works, because Swedish fellows do not have any excessive connections with roots music tendencies. Exit Stage Left, name obtained from the well-known album title of the Canadian band Rush, are progressive/progressive rock act, whose album is available as a double LP, CD and digital.


Lyrically, the story of “Appleberry Trees” is the story of life journey, and some sort of conceptual release. Swedish quartet is made up of quality instrumentalists, and the tones they reproduce “easily” come out of their fingers and “head”. It is pleasant adventure to listen the music from this release, and progressive tendencies which band reproduce, represents a combination of newer genre influences, which “face” with 70’s progressive elements. On the other hand, the Swedish quartet deliver “inconspicuous”, but very clever arrangement solutions, where the keyboard approach takes an important place.This is perhaps an unexpectedly high-quality album, that reveals the group’s potential.