JOSEPHINE FOSTER – “Domestic Sphere”

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(Fire Records) 2023.
Alternative/experimental/experimental folk/psychedelic – USA

Josephine Foster is Colorado based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist,and person who is on unusual way distribute her author’s works and ideas from herself to listeners. She has released numerous self-released albums, where she has introduced herself as an artist with original visions and views.


She is known by her mezzo-soprano voice, strange arrangements of her songs, and a constant research approach to expressive possibilities. Her vocals were most often recorded “quieter” than the instrumental phrases, and occasionally you get the impression that the vocal and playing segments “tell their own story” – separately. There’s no doubt that Josephine treats the folk heritage through an experimental prism, where the listener practically does not know what solutions he will come across,  during the interpretation of the song. Her original creativity on the other hand, often excludes harmony, so the creative process itself is a challenge that must be faced seriously. Of course, we cannot rule out the spirituality that her personality reflects in this way as well, which also gives the songs a special charm.


This is another in series of complex achievements of Josephine Foster, which deserves serious analytical approaches.