NED GREENOUGH – “Parting Divide”

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(Self-released) 2023.
Neo-progressive/art rock – USA


Out of Syracuse, New York comes Ned Greenough, artist, performer, keybord player, arranger . With actual release “Parting Divide”, he has recorded also one more full-length and few singles/EP’s. I have pleasure to receive from him his actual product, and previous album ” A Drop In The Bucket” from 2019 year, and improve my knowledge about the work, thoughts and actions of this artist.


He spent 3 years in the praparation, realization and recording of the actual release. The album was recorded at “Madstop Records”, and at various home studios during the pandemic period. Ned Greenough and Joey Small produced the album , in which a number of his colleagues musicians participated and assisted.
Ned has offered his vision of Neo-progressive/ art rock tendencies, where influences taken from the 70’s period comes to mind in some cases. Even that Mr, Greenough has offered his music perception, which surely touches the elements of the present times, certain comparisons with the expressive approach of British bands such as Camel and Renaissance are in some sense logical. “Parting Divide” is also one of release which deserves more frequent listening and analyses.



Ned and his team offered a rich and colorful sound, which is followed by songs done mainly in medium or slightly faster medium tempo.
He, together with his team, tried his best to make the song and the album sound as convincing as possible, and in the final, he can be satisfied with the results.