EMILY WHITE – “Songs You Didn’t Know I Wrote About You”

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(Squeezed Fresh Productions) 2023.
Americana/folk/acoustic – USA

I had the great pleasure of receiving a CD from Emily White these days of her current album, titled “Songs You Didn’t Know I Wrote About You”. This is her 5th album and release, where we can find 13 emotionally driven songs.



Emily White is based in Chicago, Il, she posses really pretty and warm vocal, and she writes songs where feelings and emotions are extremely prominent and come to the fore. Her singing is accompanied by an acoustic guitar, and mostly “moderate” backing music from the backing/following band. In some aspects her songs reminded me of Suzanne Vega’s early career and works, but psychologically, Emily has “taken” more from the acoustic and folk music era, from the period of the 70’s of the previous century. But, her approaches of newer Americana/folk tendencies, are also clear and at the same time convincing.




All of 13 presented songs have a uniform quality and a similar sensibility. In certain places, the arrangements can be unexpected, but Emily’s confident vocals successfully lead the set story from beginning to end.
“Songs You Didn’t Know I Wrote About You”, is a very listenable and melodic release, especially if you are a supporter of the mentioned genre forms, “passed” through an acoustic prism.