DEAFCON5 -“Exit To Insight”

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(Fastball Music/Bob-Media) 2024.
Progressive hard rock – GERMANY

Out of Hamburg, Germany comes a band Deafcon5, made up of experienced musicians who started their career together in 2008. The initial line-up did not settle for long, but the group released its first album “High Deafinition” in 2012 year. Together with the current release, whose international premiere is expected on 7th June 2024, the German act has released a total of four albums.



“Exit To Insight” is sort of conceptual release, with 10 tracks in, with conceptual idea with philosophical questions and answers reminiscent of a science fiction novel.The Hamburg quintet invested a lot of effort in more complex textual solutions, which in the musical sense follow a variant of progressive hard rock with very pronounced electronic additions. In some places the sound is expressively strong and violent, and the arrangements themselves can be different from song to song. The production is set up in a modern way, but it seems to me that in general, a lot of influence of the mentioned electronic details know that at certain moments it reduces the conceptual quality of the prepared material. It also seems to me that in many places the “visible” electronic mannerist approach diminishes the “seriousness” of the very structure of certain tracks. On the other hand, one cannot escape the impression that the band tried to realize a serious achievement, which will succeed in “reconciling” progressive elements with hard sound.


“Exit To Insight”, is one of those releases that require a deeper analysis and must be viewed from multiple angles.