WHITE STAINS – “Dreams Shall Flesh” (redux)

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(Zoharum) 2024.
Electronic/ dark wave/ dark ambient /gothic rock – SWEDEN

The Swedish act White Stains released an album called “Dreams Shall Flash”, back in 1991. 33 years later, “Zoharum” enables to release of a reissue with 2 bonus tracks, realized in a limited edition of 300 CD’s, as well as in digital form.



That was also the second album in band’s discography, and two bonus compositions were found from Carl Abrahamsson’s private archive. “Dreams Shall Flash” was an album that still sounds intriguing enough today, where it was visible how the Swedish band follows different trends in the electronic direction in its own way. A rather unusual atmosphere, followed by a “narrative” vocal/musical breakthrough, is seasoned with dark wave elements, and hidden additions of gothic tendencies. Although it cannot be said, that this is a conceptual release, a certain coherent approach to the material allows the listener to accept the song themselves as a connecting whole.
This album, with the current addition of two bonus songs, certainly represented and today represents an important part of the discography of the Swedish act.