SAFARI SEASON – “Forevermoor”

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(Paraply Records/Hemifran) 2023.
Indie rock/psychedelic/dream pop – SWEDEN


These days I have received very interesting release from “Hemifran” promo agency, and that’s the album from Swedish duo named Safari Season. The title of album is “Forevermoor”, this is their 3rd release, where we can find 11 tracks in. An opening track “Running Free” is also the final track, done also as a single edit.


This is one of rarely less frequently present editions, that examine the inner thoughts of the members of this small team, whose beginnings date back to 1997 year. The present material is musically uniform, the songs are mostly performed in a medium moderate tempo, and the way the music is played and the vocal parts are treated, confirm the experience of the actors. It is particularly interesting that judging by stylistic elements, Safari Season combines influences derived from the psychedelia of the early 60’s, which they combine with dreamy pop traces from the early 90’s, thus creating a specific atmosphere. And it all sounds very natural, and on the other hand, no less interesting and convincing enough.


“Forevermoor” is a highly recommended edition, realized in such a way, which through the ideas of this tandem, shows how very cleverly influences from earlier decades are “drowned” in the modern understanding of current musical tendencies.