3000AD – “The Void”

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(Metal Scrap Records) 2020.
Thrash metal/crossover – NEW ZEALAND

Out of Christchurch, New Zealand, comes a trio 3000AD. whose career started in 2018. It’s about an interesting band, which through its expressive concept, from the beginning, set to create its own vision of the metal form.



The trio is composed of the following members : guitarist Sam Pryor; bassist Scott Austin, and drummer Hellmore Bones, who also took on himself most of the vocal parts. Their album with 8 tracks in, takes the listener on a journey through a bleak dystopian future. A vision of civilization on the brink of collapse in a desolate and hostile environment. Musically, they sound and act like a “heard” team, which knows numerous other stylistic elements besides metal. Their brutal sound and aggressive thrash approach is seasoned with traces of punk on the one hand, and power and progressive details on the other.



The arrangements, which are also based on the performer’s aggressiveness are different from case to case, but they also confirm that contemporary tendencies do not bypass them. 3000AD know how to create “chaos” as a musicians, but the energy and convincigness, with which they do it, confirms that they are completely focused on their more enlightened concept. I wouldn’t single out any “special” song,  cos’ this album should be listened and viewed as a harmonious whole.