DIRTY TALONS – “Dirty Talons”

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(Noise Appeal Records/Bite It Promotion) 2023.

The group from Vienna, Austria, Dirty Talons, was born from the ashes of the punk rock act Astpai. They act as a sextet, with a female fronted singer, and after two EP’s, their full-length will see the light of day on October 13, 2023.


Courtesy of responsible staff from “Noise Appeal Records” and “Bite It Promotion” agency, I received their CD release these days. The Austrian band presented itself with 11 songs, one part of which was recorded in 2021, and the other in 2022. Basically, Dirty Talons perform an energetic version of rock, which has its roots in the 80’s. Nevertheless, the musicians’ “dirty” arrangements, set with a purpose and reason, are in some strange synchronicity with the vocal connections. So that in some typically their performance breakthrough, on the one hand we witness vocal melodiousness, which is often in contrast with arranged guitar riffs. Austrians psychologically clearly rely on the 80’s, but the mentioned energy, and even a certain amount of performing charm, show that in their own way, they accept the “standards” of the present time. I wouldn’t single out any song in particular, but the entire material sounds like  harmonious whole. And that is quite enough for a serious full-length discography start.