GRACEFUL – “Demiurgia”

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(Vlad Productions) 2021.
Various genres – FRANCE

Out of Nantes, France comes an unusual quartet called Graceful. Firstly, they have released an album “No One Hears Us” in 2017, and after 4 years, still actual product “Demiurgia”, where we can find 10 tracks in. As a release “Demiurgia” is available as a a CD, 2LP’s and digital.



Graceful are one of those groups, who are hard to classified. Their musical and general conceptual option varies between many idioms, judging by psychological and musical visions. In their author’s visions and aspects we can find many different traces and different music opinions. So,the atmosphere balancing between dark atmospheric views to strong/aggressive including, where between mentioned two options is the visible of depressive and dark moments and similar “psychic” states. And, all of the time, there is no “logical” connection between all those wholes and parts. And, if we speak about genres details, many of existing brutal and aggressive stylish variants are present here and there, as a : noisy rock, extreme metal, alter post rock/metal, and many things in-between.


Finally, “Demiurgia” as a release cover many fields, more or less mutually unrelated, which mostly “eliminate” the analytical approach of the message itself, as well as the general authorial attitude of the French group.