BRIAN KALINEC – “The Beauty Of It All”

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(Berkalin Records/Hemifran) 2023.
Roots music/Americana/folk – USA

Mr. Brian Kalinec is well respected artist under the Americana/roots music sky, he is  also some sort of legend in his Huston, Texas homeland, but his  career has been internationally recognized, awarded and over the years has become very successful. Some critics use to compare his legacy with Woody Guthrie’s, John Steinbeck’s, James Taylor’s, and Rodney Crowell’s methods of storytelling approaches. With his wife Pam, he is running record label “Berkalin Records”.



“The Beauty Of It All” is his third release, with 14 tracks in, done in mostly mid to mid-up tempo, full of sincere and emotional insightful stories, where the accompanynig musical segments go hand in hand with the vocal solutions. One of the songs, called ’Big Hearted’ is about racial problems in the US society, a song that was written for Brian by his friend Steve Seskin. The prepared material is of uniform quality, and the atmosphere itself makes you have a similar atmosphere, whether you are in some long past times, the period of the 70’s and 80’s, for example, or you are in “conflict” with the present moment.
“The Beauty Of It All”, contains all that is good and pleasing to the ear,  that Americana/roots music has to offer.