JAMES J TURNER – “Future Meets The Past”

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(Self-released/Hemifran) 2023.
Folk rock/roots music/rock – UK

Mr. James J. Turner is well-experienced songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, also multi-instrumentalist, who is during the previous years active on worldwide folk/rock and roots music scene. His actual album was developed around the theme of the Bardic Druid who reconnects people both to the natural world and the cultural and historical roots of our past.



Mr.Turner has a specific approach of ancient culture and epic heritage, which he involves in an autochthonous way through his songs. It can also be said, that through his original work and the way of interpretation, he very skillfully combines the idioms of older folk narrative with the newer roots heritage. All the time, he shows that his songs have an extraordinary energy, which is also visible in the way of vocal interpretation. String instruments as a cello, violin,  play an important role in song arrangements, and Mr. Turner was absolutely credited with producing the release. The songs from the album have a connecting thread, and act as a coherent role. Perhaps in certain segments of the songs, it seems as if the author wanted to deliver a lot to the listener on one sequence, but I assume that the desired effect was ultimately realized according to the intended plan.
This is another convincing achievement from the Liverpool author, which will only strengthen his status in the world of folk/roots music/rock tendencies.