BONEFISH – “Where Do We Belong”

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(FBM/Hemifran) 2023.
Melodic rock/pop/power pop / Americana – SWEDEN

Bonefish started their career in 2010, and they have released so far 3 albums, together with the current work. In the first part of their career, they received a lot of success on homeland, and they played many gigs, among others they had opportunity to perform in the UK, as well as in Belgium.



“Where Do We Belong” actual album with 11 tracks in, was supposed to be released in 2021, but everything was moved to 2023. So, the band presented itself with 11 tracks, which realistically reveal the performer’s, author’s and arranger”s maturity. And musically, their approach consists of a combination of melodic rock/pop tendencies, in which there is a lot of spaces for power pop elements, and little less places for Americana variants. Maybe in some cases, it might be an unusual combination, but apparently the band chose the songs on the album, to sound close to the given description.Certain song arrangements are more complex, others are more “simplistically” treated, but it can be said, that the offered material is uniform.
“Where Do We Belong”album is available as CD, LP , and of course in digital version.