MANNISH BOY – “Down Until Dawn”

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(Paraply Records/Hemifran) 2023.
EP CD /digital
Classic rock/melodic rock – SWEDEN

The Swedish quartet Mannish Boy consists of experienced musicians, and some time ago, they announced themselves by releasing an EP which contained 4 compositions.


With two singers in the line-up, they offered a classic/melodic rock approach, with additions of power pop elements and rather “youthful” lyrics. They know how to remind on some older bands, especially those from the 80s, although I wouldn’t generally threat their style as a retro approach. The songs are usually done in a medium and faster-up medium tempo, and the main asset of the group is vocal melodiousness. I would also like to praise the design of the cover of issue, for which is responsible Mr. Soren Klingborn. This EP will be acceptable to fans of classic/melodic rock tendencies.