GREGORY PAGE – “Modern Man”

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(Interrabang/Hemifran) 2023.
Various genres – USA

Gregory Page is experienced musician, born in England, but reside in San Diego, California. His rich career has been going on for years, as well as cooperation with a large number of musicians/artists. He is also owner of many albums, as same as artist, whose  music has been featured on BBC, NPR, and film and television soundtracks.



His albums are a kind of journey between past and the future, which includes musical experimentation and the search for something new and potentially interesting. So, the new album called “Modern Man” has similar characteristics and concept. It is an undoubtedly melodic album, with occasionally unexpected textual solutions, where the past, present and future are packed in a special way.



He has released actual album with his long time friend Jason Mraz and Audio Annotator Robbie Robinson.”Modern man” is a release where we are faced with a different and non-standard treatment of electronic influences, where with the arranged songs we find enough space, where modern pop melodic rock and other options face each other.
Mr.Page takes us through an interesting journey, where we face numerous, I would add musically sentimental solutions, where you will not be bored at any moment.