THE JEREMIAHS – “Misery Hill and other Stories”

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(Self-released) 2023.
Irish folk – IRELAND

The Jeremiahs are Irish folk band, based in Dublin, even that part of the members from group came from different sides/places/cities. They have started career in 2013, and the first album a group has released in 2021. titled “The Femme Fatale of Maine”. Second one is still actual, called “Misery Hill and other Stories”, dated from March 2023.



The Irish group is company of well-trained artists, and persons who are well-educated, when we speak about Irish tradition, heritage and folk legacy as well. There’s no doubt, and when the band start to play first song, it will be clear to potential listener very quickly, that he is faced with a team that knows what it wants, and wants to say it with its music. They have introduced themselves with 10 tracks in,  where the pictures of past, present and possible near future are alternated through a sound that realistically reflects the knowledge of the national folk tradition and general tendencies within the mentioned genre. Although the songs differ from each other in terms of atmosphere, mood, emotions and different rhythmic transitions, the album itself seems like a uniform whole.



Although I have the impression that the album itself will be liked much more by the supporters of the so-called older school, there is no doubt that around us, is the achievement of a team, that very well creates and promotes its own concept.