ALICE HOWE – “Circumstance”

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(Know Howe/Hemifran) 2023.
Americana/country rock/folk rock/soft rock – USA

Alice Howe is L.A. based singer/songwriter, and artist who released 1 full-length album and 1 EP before the current product. With great help of her partner/producer/bass player – Freebo, and the team of professionals, she has released actual album titled “Circumstance”, with 11 tracks in, available as a CD and digital.



Alice posses really pleasant voice, where the songs touches elements of Americana/country rock/folk rock, with evident soft rock details too. She knows to remind on popular singers/artist from the 80’s era, and most of here songs posses one, I would say evident retro approach. I have no objections to the performance and other technical details. Also I have the same opinion about clear and “clean” arrangements and very correct production. But, I didn’t feel any extra special “push” that would make me listen to the album more times. “Circumstance” in a sea of similar releases as an album, could be more interesting to listeners of 80’s tendencies, who follow the mentioned genre forms.