RVG – “Brain Worms”

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(Fire Records) 2023.
Indie pop/rock/power pop/80’s college pop/punk pop – AUSTRALIA

Out of Preston, suburb of Melbourne, Australia comes RVG band, or Romy Vager Group. Mentioned Romy Vager is a leader of this team, she is singer/songwriter, and their actual release will be available worldwide on June 2nd, 2023. as a CD/LP and digital.



Maybe for Serbian and former Yugoslavian audience, works of  Aussie act is unknown or more or less, listeners here  did not have the opportunity to be sufficiently informed about their activities, but actual album is their third, and some of critically oriented and good connoisseurs of their work, believe that this could be their most serious release so far.



So, “Brain Worms” with 10 tracks in, introduce and deliver serious portion of songs. Romy Vager’s voice is unfiltered and commanding as ever when delivering her clever, not-quite-ironic lyrics. She also posses a pleasant voice capabilities. On the other side, judging by playing conception, group deliver own variant of indie pop/rock, where the elements of power pop, as same as 80’s college pop and some post British and  post USA 80’s punk pop, are constantly present through the prepared material. The songs are listenable, and I would also say  that the complete atmosphere that follows the release is generally optimistic and positive. Opening track “Common Ground”, for me personally is the most convincing song, although it’s evident that the band presented itself with uniform material.