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(Fire Records) 2023.
Dream pop / psychedelic/experimental /shoe-gaze – SWEDEN

Death And Vanilla are Malmo, Sweden based band, active some period on worldwide indie pop scene. The audience as same as critical public, noticed that the group’s stylish approach and author’s views deserve international attention.


Even that we can find many influences in their approach, from 60’s period till nowadays moments, all the time this team “touches” us with sweet tones, a pleasant atmosphere and a clear message. Really emphatically hypnotizing psychedelic/ambient sound dominates from the first to the last measure of the songs on the album. The atmospheric nature of the songs is their indispensable weapon, which also reveals the actor’s listening to music of a similar genre approach.



I would add that for me personally, certain comparisons wit the approach of early House Of Love are noticeable, although the band itself does not highlight them, which more or less does not affect the general existence of positive reactions to their music. “Flicker” is one of those releases, which I recommend you listen to more than once, because the mentioned hypnotizing atmosphere, as well as their vision of the dream pop elements they create, represent a real refreshment on today’s scene.