TOUFIC FARROUKH “Untamed Elegance”

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(Scale Art  & Culture/Baco Distribution/VeevCom) 2023.
Various jazz genres – LEBANON/FRANCE


Saxophonist/composer Toufic Farroukh is a musician with long career behind him. His specific and highly sophisticated view of musical tendencies occupies a special place on the world’s international jazz scene. He is well-educated author and performer, but also a searcher for numerous less explored spheres of the world’s musical heritage.



His actual album “”Untamed Elegance” will be realized on March 24, 2023, and presented live on stage on Thursday April 6, 2023, at “Studio de L’Ermitage” (Paris). A large number of musicians participated in the realization of the current album, and I would specially add, the important role of arranger Leandro Aconcha. Five years have passed since the realization of “Villes Invisibles”, Mr. Farroukh’s last opus, which celebrated the art of conversation through dialogue inhabited by the dream of woman and man living in harmony in cities that are finally peaceful.



Through 13 tracks from the album, Toufic and his orchestra sail through various styles, I would say decades of history, through which jazz as a genre has shown its many faces. He also included the composition “Silene Dance”, a Serbian folk traditional on the album, reworking it in incredibly emotional, convincing, romantic and stylishly colorful way. “Unteamed Elegance” is a sophisticated release, rich in quality performing solutions, which will bring a smile to the listener’s face, and many moments of pleasure.