HEMESATH – “So Schon”

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(Echozone/Bob-Media) 2022.
Deutsche Harte/electronic/industrial/goth rock/metal  – GERMANY

Hemesath are one of  the German groups who are faithful to musical approach called Deutsche Harte (German Hardness), where first comparisons comes to the sound and legacy of Rammstein. Of course, they are not alone in mentioned sort of music , just one of the groups, who tries to find own way to capitalize their talents, views and musical knowledge. And, also what is important to say, that Hemesath in their approach combine electro rock/industrial, goth rock with metal variants and many other things in-between.



“So Schon” is an album with 9 tracks in, well-produced, and recorded with the unusual passion and strong energy. Maybe a one degree of additional originality missing in their case, but in the other hand, the fellows from Germany sound harmonious and coherent, they have very good musicians,  and an extremely high-quality singer in the line-up.




I suppose that  they are much more interesting in the concert version, where their emotions come to full expression. The atmospheric nature of the songs should be their strong trump card in the future, which should be used more relevantly.