THE WIDE – “Smile”

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(Echozone/Bob-Media) 2022.

The Wide band was formed in 2016 by experienced musicians. Originally from Monchengladbach (Germany), during the period of existence, they were in position to change the line-up. They have released “Paramount”, the first album in 2018, and actual “Smile” from previous 2022.


They act as a quintet, and the members of the group come from different countries : from Germany, Switzerland, Scotland and England. There is no doubt that the great experience of the actor is woven into the music presented by the band. In their approach,  a noticeable psychology come from the 80’s and 90’s period of the last century.Musically and vocally, there are also noticeable elements of hidden dark wave traces, as well as post new wave elements. The songs are mostly realized in a medium or calmer medium tempo, where the emotions present through the interpretation and textual reflections, come to the fore. The Wide put a lot of energy and effort into the atmosphere of the songs, and it seems that they mostly succeed. Although they always show an enviable degree of originality, certain comparisons, especially with British bands of post new wave/dark tendencies, are inevitable.


“Smile” as an album consists of listenable material, interesting arrangement solutions, and production that keeps up with the current times.