BILL PRICE -“Kicking Angels”

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(Grass Magoops Records/Hemifran) 2022.
EP CD/digital
Americana/folk/country rock/rock/roots music – USA

Bill Price is well-experienced musician, whose interesting sphere  touches many different artistic fields. He is singer/songwriter, who used to perform solo, and also with the band in different formations. He is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and till now, he has released 4  full length albums, 3 EP’s and 2 CD singles to date, with several more projects in the works.



He has performed in USA, Canada, and his works were recognized and broadcast also on European radio stations. “Kicking Angels” is actual EP, with 4 tracks in, different in genres  searches, but all the songs in common poses roots music/Americana/folk/country/country rock elements,  evident more or less from case to case, from song to song.



Mr. Price posses a pleasant voice, his materials also reflects different arrangements aspects, and we can find in his music influences that can be found both in the 70’s, and in the present time. The songs posses unique potentials and similar quality, where all the time there is noticeably safe, precise musicianship,  an emotional approach, but also a slight lack of energy.