TIP JAR – “Songs about love and life on the hippie side of country”

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(Shine A Light Records/Hemifran) 2022.
Americana/country/country rock/pop/soulful pop – NETHERLANDS

Bart de Win and Arianne Knegt are key persons in Dutch band Tip Jar, group with not so small career behind them. Key composer and  singer Bart de Win also had a solo career previously, so his work isn’t unknown, and I mean not only  in Dutch area.


As a band Tip Area has recorded with actual one 6 albums, and fresh material has been taped in Austin and Eindhoven. So, we have here 12 seriously recorded songs,  done in different moods from Americana/roots music/country /country rock,  to pop/soulful pop, and pop rock mood. I would add that in some songs we can here different atmosphere, different performing timing, and different stylish approach.



Many vintage, but I can say positive vintage elements a group has produced and delivered through presented songs, specially when Arianne take a lead singer role. I think that many followers of 70’s periods can be satisfied with musical choices of Dutch band. Finally, the group has produced some specific views, without changing anything in particular from before, in their signature approach.