DUPLEX – “Maelstrom”

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(ARC Music/ Disques Dom/Veev Com) 2022.
World music/experimental folk/progressive/various genres – BELGIUM

New and interesting information comes from the established promo agency “Veev Com”, and it refers to the current album of the duo from Belgium, called Duplex, and their release, entitled “Maelstrom”.



The Belgian tandem consists of two professionals : Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion) and Damien Chierici (violin), who realized, recorded and published a very colorful edition. Through 14 themes, mentioned artists have faced with numerous musical challenges  and genre games as well.  So as a final result, we have here and there an exciting release that represents a kind of journey through the spheres of world music, neofolk experiments, with additional of progressive and some jazz tendencies. All of this is permeated, I would say with vintage and traditional elements, which give the music a specific weight. It should not be specially mentioned that Laloy and Chierici are extremely high-quality instrumentalists, as well as that their constant “dialogues” keep potential listeners awake all the time, ready to hear new playing challenges.



The playing combination of violin and accordion, modern author’s views, and great arrangements, always give good results. These two creatives have “opened up” some new views for us, which in any case is a win for “both sides”. This actual work will be presented live on stage on Thursday, March 9, 2023. at “360 Paris Music Factory” (Paris).