LEON ALVARADO – “Chasing The Electric Dream”

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(Melodic Revolution Records) 2022.
Electronic/instrumental/progressive/ambient – USA

Leon Alvarado is well-known musician in the world of electronic and progressive community. He is artist who has performed with several famous musicians as  for example : Rick Wakeman, Bill Bruford, Billy Sherwood, Jerry Marotta, Tony Levin, among others.



His actual album with 7 tracks in, entitled “Chasing The Electric Dream”, has introduced him as a performer, who very well known about newer electronic tendencies, as same as so call old-school electronic variants. In a modern way, he explores the paths to his original sound, and it does so in a very successful way. And listening to complete presented instrumental themes, comes to mind that influences from the 70’s era and German school, as well as for example J.M. Jarre’s legacy, along with a modern understanding of electronic heritage, are the characteristics of the complete album. And of course, we cannot bypass the progressive elements, as well as the very well-placed arrangement solutions.



If you are supporter of this musical approach, there are many reasons to enjoy listening to, and analyzing this album.