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(T B&B Productions/InQuie Distribution/VeevCom) 2022.
Avant-garde jazz/contemporary jazz/neoclassical/experimental – FRANCE

Two extraordinary artists – Guilllame Barraud and Mathieu Belis teamed up together during the pandemic period, and has released an interesting album, entitled “Estampes”, available  as a CD on November 4. 2022. and previously digitally, on October 14.




Mathieu Belis is a pianist, and Guillaume Barraud play  Indian transverse flute,  that is the bansuri. They have created an album full of improvisation, experimental traces, complemented by the constant and unusual dialogue between two instruments. All the time, both musicians shows high performing quality, and no less modern acceptance of new tendencies within such a musical approach. Their musicianship confirms the performer’s complexity, but it is obvious that psychologically they understood each other very well. I would add, that guitarist Kevin Seddiki play the nylon guitar on two compositions from the album.



As an achievement “Estampes” contains a lot of hidden performing “tricks”, but it also confirms the absolute quality and knowledge of the musical secrets of the two actors of this story.