GROTH – “Groth”

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(Zoharum) 2022.
EP CD/digital
Groove/doom/stoner metal/psychedelic- POLAND


The band from Gdansk, Poland, and their current EP is not a standard or usual release, from the “Zoharum” label. But, judging by the approach within metal tendencies, Groth are in a way quite stylistically different from numerous close colleagues in the mentioned metal as a genre.



Groth offered some of their raw vision and similar interpretation of groove/stoner/doom variants, which were combined with psychedelic tendencies. And such an approach sounds quite interesting, and at the same time original. The group’s frontman delivers his vocal variants in a narratively aggressive manner, while the band in the background, powerfully and sharply reproduces riffs that knows to hypnotize potential listeners.





It is very unusual and at the same time rare, treatment of psychedelic elements, as well as the realization of arrangement solutions, which represent the convincing side of the expressive approach of the band. The S/t  EP release with 5 tracks in of the Polish band, has a uniform approach, announcing in the forthcoming period the arrival of also interesting author’s ideas.