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(Principal Records) 2022.
Experimental jazz/avant-garde jazz/ electronic jazz – ITALY


Italian musician Claudio Scolari is quite diligent and active in the last few years, although his career is rich and filled with many periods of activity. His varied performing and authoring opus is present on numerous releases in which he is a key actor.




With his Claudio Scolari Project on May 10th 2022, he has released 6th album, entitled “Don’t Know”. It is another journey to the world of experimental jazz, electronic and avant-garde jazz tendencies,which are reflected through 11 tracks/themes.
The line -up that realized the current edition is made up of the following actors/musicians : CLAUDIO SCOLARI: drum set 1, synth programming;
DANIELE CAVALCA : drum set 2, Live synths, rhodes, piano
MICHELE CAVALCA :  electric bass




“Don’t Know” is one of those releases, that you can’t put a timeline on. And this kind of album could have been recorded at the end of the 60’s, during the period of the 70’s or 80’s, , but the musical and authorial sophistication is still attractive for the current moment.Through most of the themes set, the potential listener is confronted with a constant dialogue between the trumpet and  other instruments.We should not leave out the presence of electronic elements, which modernize the arrangement solutions of tracks from the album.
And finally, I believe that supporters of avant-garde and experimental tendencies in jazz as a genre, will find enough inspirational moments by listening to this album.