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(Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood) 2022.
Progressive rock/instrumental – GERMANY

Bavarian guitarist/author Kalle Wallner is well-known name in the world of newer tendencies around guitar based progressive rock . His activities in RPWL and Blind Ego are also known, and “Voices”, album from February 2022 is his 4th release, with 7 tracks in, 6 instrumental and one vocally oriented song called simple “Three”, with Arno Menses as a singer.




Kalle Werner is also producer of his album, where different instrumental themes has showed huge knowledge of German guitarist, also  his brilliant skills as a arranger, and his wise balancing around different playing variants.





All of the time Kalle leads us through different spheres of progressive rock guitarist confrontations, whereby influences of other well-known great instrumentalists can be noticed and felt in the tracks heard here. We can also threat “Voices”, as a sort of conceptual album, although that was probably not the main intention of the guitarist himself. “Voices” is without a doubt listenable release, with lots of convincing performance phrases and moments.