BJORN RISS – ” A Fleeting Glimpse”

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(Karisma Records) 2022.
Psychedelic/progressive – NORWAY

Bjorn Riss is well-known name in the world of progressive tendencies and similar genre’s variants. He is  co-founder of Norway group Airbag, whose legacy is huge. Mr. Riss has recorded an album “Everything To Everyone” in the April 2002. and  during the previous months he created music for MCD, more precisely, 4 songs that will be found also on vinyl, as well as in digital form.



The official release date is September 30, 2022. and the title is “A Fleeting Glimpse”. This is sort of hommage to Pink Floyd legacy, precisely key  inspiration for Mr. Riss is music from two multi-famous albums “Dark Side Of The Moon”, and “Wish You Were Here”. Riis even got Durga McBroom, one of Pink Floyd’s backup singers during the 80’s and 90’s, to do guest vocals on one of the tracks.




All of 4 compositions are quite atmospheric, where the idioms of progressive and psychedelic  elements come together in a coherent way. The songs are pretty listenable, and except Bjørn Riis on vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards, the album features Arild Brøter (Pymlico), Øyvind Brøter (Pymlico), Per Øydir, Durga McBroom and Mimmi Tamba.
“A Fleeting Glimpse” maybe an unexpected release by a Norwegian musician, but from an analytical point of view, it is very interesting and conceptually convincing.