USA act Dissentience release lyric Video for “Clinical Psychosis”,together with Corey Pierce, drummer for Disciples Of Verity!

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Dissentience releases their video
from their album – “Empire Anatomy”:
“Clinical Psychosis” takes the listener on a wild, thrash-laden journey through the mind of an unwilling MK Ultra acid test participant. The whole MK Ultra program and the mystery surrounding it is something we got turned onto from the Wormwood documentary and from delving into the roots of the San Francisco psychedelic movement of the 60s. The CIA was trying to find a method of mind control via psychedelics and other substances and, in the process, many agents and unsuspecting coworkers got secretly dosed. Imagine going to work at your government desk job, drinking your morning coffee, and 45 minutes later you’re totally tripped out while a room full of suits are watching your every move and studying you like a lab rat…we wanted to write something from the perspective of the victim in that scenario.
Musically, we wanted to invoke the wild ride through this person’s drug-addled mind so the riffs twist and turn into one another and have a more melodic and flowing nature to them while still maintaining the aggression and spastic influence of our thrash and death metal roots. Unlike most of the metal that gets the psychedelic label thrown at it, we wanted to capture the chaos, intensity, and mental claustrophobia of a bad trip instead of stretching the song out into a jam-laden epic, so we kept it fairly succinct but constantly moving to keep the listener’s mind on the edge of insanity, just like the unwilling test subject in the lyrics.
Despite the song’s darker content, this was one of the tracks that really had all of us hooked listening back to it in the studio and so far this song has gotten some of the best feedback from fans both online and at shows so it only makes sense to give it the single treatment.” – Connor Valentin
Line-up :
Connor Valentin – Guitars/Vocals
Jimmy Vitale – Guitars
Sean Langer – Bass/Vocals
Nick Scherden – Drums
Lyric video by Jason Keith
Single artwork by Daniel “Sawblade” Shaw