LIA HIDE – “The Missing Fourth Guest”

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(Conch Town Records) 2022.
Experimental pop/art rock/electronic/ dark wave – GREECE

Lia Hide is a Greek artist, singer/songwriter and also music educator. She is from Athens, and she is continuously on the scene. Her musical experience deserves only respect, and during the previous years she has share the stage with many well-known artists.


Her albums always bring something new in the creative sense, and there is no doubt that this is also the case with the current achievement. Her works can be compared to the legacy of performers such as : Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, Bjork, among others. But, I will add that originality is Lia’s middle name.




“The Missing Fourth Guest”, with 8 tracks in, is one of the editions, where no creative limits are noticed. All  songs are different from each other, and Lia’s emotional  and challenging lyrical passages “sailing” through stylistic/genre labyrinths. So, we can find and listen elements of : experimental/indie pop, art rock, electronic and dark wave, where influences from the 80’s and 90’s are also placed on a completely installed wall of sound. Some of the songs also posses so call narrative, but pretty original narrative approach, and this is also an important element of Lia’s originality as an artist.
“The Missing Fourth Guest” is a modern author’s product, and a release that certainly deserves your attention.