HELENA RECALDE – “Karishina”

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(FincaSud/Les Artpie’ Cultrices/InOuie Distribution/VeevCom) 2022.
Jazz/various jazz genres/ Latin jazz /world music

Another one interesting release, comes out from “VeevCom” promotion agency. This time is  in center album entitled “Karishina”, from key person Helena Recalde, she is singer, bassist/double bassist, key composer, and two important persons : Fady Farah on piano, and Vanesa Garcia on drums and percussion. Several guests have taken place as a musicians on album : pan flutest Curi Cashimuel, oriental percussionist Samir Homsi,  “Singa” Choir, directed by Dennis Lethuillier,  and guitar player Kiala.




This release firstly was digitally present on streaming services from May 27, 2022. and as a physical release was active  from June 10th.2022.
As a album, “Karishina” reveals the great possibilities of Helena Recalde and her team. A fairly intuitive and at the same time melodic sound, as well as an exceptional knowledge of the Latin jazz and world music traditions, of the members of this album, do not for a single moment make us doubt that we have great musicians in front of us,who know very well what they want, and what their possibilities are. Latin jazz influences from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s period of the previous century, only reinforce the creative message that the music of Helena Recalde and her collaborators carries with it.




This is also some sort
of journey through  the world of latin jazz and world music, which is equally modern, but also sufficiently connected with older values, more acceptable to supporters of the sound from the mentioned past decades.
“Karishina” is also an album for repeatable listeners attention, with lots of challenging and analytical places.