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(Quart de Lune/UVM Distribution/Veevcom) 2022.
Jazz/world music – FRANCE/Various Countries

The Tambor Y Canto Company started out in 2013 in Marseille during the 10th Recontries festival of the same name.  The group during the years blend jazz with many kinds of traditional/woldwide music, African and South American, Carribian , under the direction of pianist Simon Bolzinger.




Actual release “La Segunda”, looked the light of day on streaming services on 27th of May, and as a physical release on June 17, 2022.
“Le Segunda” is an optimistic and so call frantic release, full of strong energy, where we can find many modern music influences and traces. Carribian, Afro/Cuban/Brazilian, Colombian rhythms in common spiritual and fluent rhythmic dance, full of performing fresh ideas and modern arrangements views, these are the elements that we find in full glory on the album.





This is one of the release, whose concept is always welcome and accessible to larger audience.  Nine explosive songs/themes, performed, I will say one more time with strong energy and positive approach and attitudes, has showed a wide range of possibilities of this band. A brilliant album in every sense.