THE PLOT – “The Plot”

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(Musical Eschatology) 2022.
Cassette /digital
Free jazz/avant-garde jazz/improvised jazz – USA

Mr. Danny Kamins, established saxophonist has opened a some months ago his cassette label, entitled “Musical Eschatology”, and first release is “S/t” album of trio The Plot, and this is practically his band, where other two persons are brothers Zelinski, Colin is bassist and Anders is drummer.



Through 6 instrumental themes Danny teamed up with brothers Zelinski, and in their way a groups recapitulate views and visions of improvised jazz, avant-garde variants and free jazz forms as well. One sort of  constant Jam-session has been presented on complete album material, and constant dialogue between sax phrases and rhythm section, as a result has given to potential listener impression, that they are present in concert of mentioned fellows listening a band “alive”.





There’s no doubt that Danny and his friends has made a sort of experiment, listening an improvising phrases, and that manifestation can be pretty interesting in many parts , if you are normally follower or fan of free jazz forms.This is an interesting album, with many associations on golden era of free jazz, even if we think about USA or Nordic artists. But, Mr. Kamins and brothers Zelinski know how to put right thing in to the right place.