HENRIK AF UGGLAS – “Another Language”

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(Paraply Records/Hemifran) 2022.
EP CD/digital
Various genres – SWEDEN

Henrik Af Ugglas is well-known name under the Swedish music sky. He had played with everyone from Maryland Cookies to Thåström, as well as  with Weeping Willows and his brother Peder af Ugglas, among many others. And now, the time for his first release, an EP with 7 tracks in, is finally here.




As a songwriter with specific attitude and multi-instrumentalist, he has offered on his debut variety of styles, and we can find here and there elements of rock, electronic traces, ambient and even psychedelic views, unusual arrangements , many so call darker moods and atmospheres, and many things in between. Insightful and original lyrics are also parts of his general authentic exposures.






“Another Language”, is not the album for every ear, but his originality is evident, without a doubt. This is also a release with more easier songs, but with melodic spices additional as well. “Another Language”  with presented songs, also deserves repeatable listener’s attention.