Cyclone Static (USA)

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A 3 piece from NJ who create catchy, melodic songs that are both heavy and high energy. The officially sponsored house band of Jonathan LeVine Projects.


Cyclone Static whips around like a punk rock storm, throwing sparks and bursts of melodic energy. Their driving songs surge to life with waves of crashing guitar and percussion, pulled into focus by a deep undercurrent of emotion. The trio, comprised of James Salerno on guitar and lead vocals, Danny Patierno on bass and Jonathan LeVine on drums, produces sounds that are honest, economic and muscular. James sings with unfiltered passion, John provides a sturdy backbone of rhythm and LeVine tightens their songs with power and precision.




Cyclone Static draws from and refines their best influences – late 70’s punk, mid 80’s hardcore, and early 90’s alternative rock – into raw, uninhibited music that captures their independent spirit and DIY ethos.