Contenders (USA)

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Contenders are one of the leading Pretenders tribute act. There’s no doubt that they very well know how to satisfy not only the followers of Pretenders works.



Band Members :
Sue Willett as Chrissie Hynde
Marko Babineau as Martin Chambers
Alex U’Ren as Pete Farndon
John McCloy as James Honeyman-Scott
Burbank, CA

When Marko Babineau decided to put together this tribute, he thought that The Pretenders were the perfect blend of strong familiarity without been over-played. You think you know their two or three songs until you hear the set; it is literally a one-after-the-other of “I know this one too”.

Contenders have up to 2 hours of heavy radio rotation Chrissie Hynde songs. Even the deep B-side cuts are recognizable. That is why Contenders wins over every single audience they play for.

And, because Hynde is such a strong female icon, women of all ages are inspired, making every Contenders performance a spiritually uplifting experience.