AUSTER LOO COLLECTIVE – “Auster Loo Collective”

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(Igloo Records/Socadisc/VeevCom) 2024.
World music/various genres – Belgium

The Auster Loo Collective is made up of a group of renowned music professionals based in Belgium, lead by lead author and percussionist Simon Leleux. The mentioned band should represent the crown of experience and creative aspirations of the members of the line-up, and as a visible result, their self-titled album, which contains 8 tracks, is available to the public. This actual work will be presented live on stage on Wednesday May 22, 204 at “Studio de L’Ermitrage” in Paris.


So, this is not to easy to explain, what this compositions offers in terms of authorship and performance. In a broader basis and setting, we are talking about the elements of world music, through which the influences of various other ethnic cultures and varieties are interwoven. The influences of African, Asian and European cultural heritage are clearly expressed, and the constant dialogue between the musicians and their instruments makes the songs “alive”, and to a good extent energetic. I would not rule out the presence of fusion elements, derived from the jazz heritage of the 70’s, but they are more prominent, and come from a second plan. This is also a very intuitive release, through which you gradually hear some new “sounds” and artist solutions.
Without any doubt, this is a a highly recommended , and at the same time original work.