LA SEVE – “Chlorophylle”

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(King Tao/InQuie Distribution/VeevCom) 2024.
African music/World Music – FRANCE

La Seve are a quartet from France, which has three guitarists in the line-up, and on January 12, 2024, they released their second album in a row. The name of the album is “Chlorophylle”, and this group  combines elements of African musical heritage composition in its own way,  with World music tendencies.


Congolese rumba and Cameroonian Bikutsi rock belong to the spheres of interest and research of the group. I would also add elements of the merengue  approach, which is present in their  composition. The very way of performing the material refers to tradition and some past times, and generally a retro atmosphere dominates the completely prepared material. In any case, it is the choice of the members of the band, which there is nothing to complain about, although I personally did not notice a lot of originality in their way of thinking, as well as in presenting the music itself. On the other hand, this team reflects a positive atmosphere and creates a good mood.  As for this album, it’s generally quite enough.