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(Self-released) 2024.
Indie folk/indie folk rock/dark folk/psychedelic – UK

Malcolm/Monty Carlo is a singer/songwriter who has lived around the London area for a long time, but in recent years has been stationed in the musically historic Isle Of Wight, where he works and performs as many gigs/concerts as possible.
His musical breakthrough and author’s personal identity in general are not so easy to define, but this author expresses his ideas and thoughts in an original way.



In his songs, as well as in the interpretation itself, you can feel a very specific, often depressing “sea” atmosphere, which he distributes to the listener with minimal instrumental accompaniment, his acoustic guitar and his vocal. The current release “Bedlam” consists of 8 songs, seven of which are his original works, otherwise similar in terms of atmosphere and generally presented feeling/mood.Malcolm delivers us some of his vision of indie folk,indie folk rock, where elements of hidden psychedelic traces are also visible and expressed. There is no doubt that his material abounds in influences from the late 60’s and early 70’s of the previous century, but the author’s originality is a sufficient trump card, that the aforementioned influences do not represent the predominant segment of his authorial performance.



Malcolm Carlo has a lot to say and offer, and in addition to this, listen to his other works available on “Bandcamp”, and some other places.